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Professional Counselling for Academic / Behavioral problems of children

We at Future First offer Counselling service with an aim to help students to work through their emotional, academic and other difficulties, and also ways to overcome them, so that they can understand themselves better and find ways of managing their such situation.

Mode of Counselling is on one to one basis, depending upon age and class of the child.

Counselling timings ---------- 11: AM - 1:00 PM with prior appointment.

Our Senior counsellor helps to resolve the following Issues.

  • Feels afraid from School ?
  • Not take interest in Studies ?
  • Does not concentrate on Studies ?
  • Has very little Confidence ?
  • Wants' to eat only Junk Food ?
  • Is biting nails and is shy ?
  • Cannot speak proper English ?
  • Wants to watch TV all the time ?
  • Is very careless and stubborn ?
  • Is wetting bed ?
  • Does not perform in front of others.
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